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Guilin attractions: things to do in Guilin China

Guilin, Guangxi, China is a tourism-based city located to the south of the country, around 200 miles from the coast. The city is known for its beautiful natural scenery, pleasant Guilin weather, and numerous Guilin hotels that command amazing views across the Li River.

Parks & Rivers
Guilin China, is known for its stunning natural beauty, and, of course, for the often beautiful Guilin weather, so many of the activities and attractions in the city are based in and on the numerous parks and rivers in the area.

Guilin attractions - activities for families and day trips

  • Seven star park Guilin China

Seven Star Park

Being the largest and most famous park in Guilin, it features karst hills, rivers, caves and a tranquil lake. The Seven-Star Cave (Xi Xia Cave) provides visitors with some amazing underground scenery. The million-year-old cave was originally part of an underground river. For hundreds of years, local people believed that the cave was the residence of immortals. The park has scenic spots like Camel Hill, Seven Star Cave, and Follower Bridge.

  • Elephant and pagoda hill

Pagoda Hill, Elephant Hill

This is a wonderful area to walk around, relax, and really enjoy the clean, pollution-free air of Guilin, China, which is somewhat unique in a country that is known for its smog. Climb to the Pagoda at the top of the hill for unrivalled views over the lakes and river, and the nearby Guilin hotels. Pagoda Hill is located in the southern section of Guilin on the west bank of Li River. It is directly opposite Tunnel Hill. A hexagonal pagoda called Longevity Buddha Pagoda was built atop this hill in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The second level of the pagoda has a shrine to the Longevity Buddha – Amidabha on display.

  • Guilin to Yangshuo by Li River cruise to Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, Yangshuo Guilin China

Li River Cruise

Guilin, China, is a city built around the Lijiang River, or Li River for short. River cruises are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. Guilin hotels can arrange luxury cruises to nearby Yangshuo. It’s best to go in spring or autumn when the Guilin weather is at its best.
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Rainy Day Fun

Guilin weather is generally very calm and mild, although for those visiting in the summer, some rainy day activities may need to be added to the sightseeing itinerary. Guilin weather is wettest during the months of May and June, with around 350mm falling during each of these months. When the Guilin weather isn’t at its best, take cover in one of the city’s fascinating museums.

Li River Folk Custom Centre

This museum is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Guilin, China. It showcases the best of the native talents of the region, and demonstrates just how diverse Guilin, Guangxi, China really is. There are live performances to watch, and handcrafted souvenirs to purchase.

Guilin Art Museum

This museum is the largest in the Guilin, Guangxi, China region, and is one of the best places to spend the day when the Guilin weather isn’t so good. Much of the artwork is native to Guilin, China, and there are opportunities to purchase paintings from local artists.

  • Shanghai airlines

How to Get There

Guilin flights depart from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, and South Korea. Guilin flights land at Guilin Liangjiang International Airport, located in the Guilin Guangxi, China region, but approximately 18 miles from the area that is considered to be the true Guilin, China. Although there are a few activities near to the Guilin China Liangjiang Airport, such as the Xiongsen Bear and Tiger Village, most visitors do stay in Guilin hotels located in the city centre. Taxis and shuttle buses are available from the airport into Guilin, China, and the journey takes roughly 30 minutes.

  • Shangri-la hotel Guilin - recommended by Yangshuo Mountain Retreat

Where to Stay in Guilin

As Guilin, China, is primarily a tourism-based city, there are hundreds of hotels located in the region, many of which are operated by well known Western brands, such as Sheraton. Guilin hotels range from inexpensive hostels, like the Guilin Riverside Hostel, to luxurious 5* accommodations such as the Shangri-la, so there are options to suit all budgets. As a general rule, Guilin hotels overlooking the Lijiang River, Shanhu Lake, or Ronghu Lake will be more costly due to the prime location and spectacular views.