Yangshuo Mountain Retreat
Yulong River Road, Gaotian Town
Yangshuo County, Guangxi Zhuang, 541907, China
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Tai Qi Yangshuo riverside classes

In China Tai Qi is practiced to keep fit and healthy and enhance Kung Fu fighting skills. You will see Tai Qi being practiced mostly as an early morning form of exercise. The most common form of Tai Qi is with movements of the body but it can also be done with weapons including fans and swords.

The movements of Tai Qi are slow versions of defensive or aggressive positions and although it may appear not to be very strenuous it can in fact be very tiring using up a lot of energy. It is an excellent exercise for coordinating all of your body muscles by moving them at the same time. With Tai Qi, you learn to control your breathing, pulse and muscles coordination.

At Mountain Retreat you can book Tai Qi lessons, the instructor will come to hotel and you can learn the mastered techniques on the banks of the river. This is often the perfect way to start a day and get your body relaxed and refreshed for exploring Yangshuo County!

You can find of the best T'ai Chi (tai qi) masters right here in Yangshuo China. If you've ever thought about learning T'ai Chi, why not learn in Yangshuo from some of the best teachers in China. We can arrange for your instructor to come to the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat and you can practice on our expansive lawn on the banks of the Yulong River. Our Yangshuo hotel is a perfect place to enjoy a t'ai chi lesson and a delicious riverside meal.

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