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Yangshuo cooking school

Learn to cook Chinese food in a traditional Chinese farmhouse in the Yangshuo. The Yangshuo cooking school offers its customers the opportunity to learn how to cook real Chinese food in a traditional setting with skilled and friendly teachers who can impart the secrets of Chinese cuisine in a friendly and fun atmosphere. They emphasize a teaching style based on actually doing rather than watching. They will also take you shopping in the local market to learn about the ingredients that the Chinese use in their dishes. After cooking five dishes you will eat lunch together.

Yangshuo cooking school offers a great way to learn more about local Chinese cuisine and enjoy a new cultural experience. From Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, the cooking school is only about 3km down a country road. Spend a day at the Yangshuo cooking school and learn to cook a variety of Yangshuo classic dishes. Please ask at Yangshuo Mountain Retreat reception to learn more and Yangshuo cooking school. Please note that since the opening of the Yangshuo cooking school, there are now many copycat schools, but we believe the original Yangshuo cooking classes are the best value. There's more information at our riverside retreat reception. We are not afiliated with the Yangshuo cooking school, but our guest reviews have been very positive, so we continue to recommend the school as a great part of a Yangshuo tour. Whether or not you are a guest at our Yangshuo hotel, we'll be pleased to help arrange Yangshuo cooking classes for you at this reputable school.


Yangshuo Cooking School courses include:

  • Small classes
  • A visit to the local market
  • Transport to their farmhouse
  • English speaking local teachers
  • Set of 5 dishes with 1 or 2 day courses available
  • Recipes of the dishes cooked
  • An individual work
  • Learning by doing
  • Lunch


Course 1

Runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

  • Market tour
  • Beer Fish (famous local dish).
  • Chicken with cashew nuts
  • Steamed stuffed vegetables
  • Eggplant with soy sauce
  • Green vegetables with garlic


Course 2

Runs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

  • Market tour
  • Egg wrapped dumplings
  • Steamed Chicken with mushroom
  • Duck with pickled ginger and chilies
  • Stir fried pork with vegetables and oyster sauce
  • Green vegetable with garlic


All Yangshuo cooking school courses can be booked at the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat reception