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Profiles in courage: Alice

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Xiu Fen (Alice) is 12 years old and lives in a remote village in Baisha Town, about 25 minutes North of Yangshuo. Alice has an acute form of brittle bone diesease, which has deformed her legs, rendering her unable to walk. Alice's mother and father are farmers and laborers in the off season, and she has a sister who works in Shenzhen.

She has spent very little time outside of her house and has never been to school. Alice has managed to teach herself some written Chinese and her spoken Mandarin is passable. She learns through her internet connected tablet. Her days at home are spend doing crochet work, watching TV and doing some learning on her own.

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We first met Alice in December 2015, when she was introduced by Angel (Chun Li) our superstar reservations manager, who is also afflicted with a severe type of brittle bone diease.

First we wanted to assess Alice's cognitive, emotional and phyical capabilities toward creating a learning program for her. With her parent's consent and Alice's enthusiasm, we hired Susan, an experienced English and Chinese language teacher from Omeida School in Yangshuo. We brought along Raymond, a recent graduate in psychology from Austalia. After a few hours talking with Alice and her family, we decided on a twice per week tutorial program that will prepare Alice to work in a service capacity within 4 years.

Alice is ccurrently spending half our her four hours per week learning Chinese from Susan and the other half learning English. Susan is also instrumental in helping Alice improve her self-confidence and self-image. Alice has been active posting her written character progress with updates on WeChat.

We intend to sponsor Alice's learning and medical expenseses until she is 18 and we hope someday she will be able to bring her skills to the service of the arts in Yangshuo, and possibly work with us one day at Mountain Retreat or Yangshuo Village Inn.

For those interested in helping with Alice's English learning, please contact us here.

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Summer Camp 2016

In July of 2016, we funded a three week Summer Camp for Alice and two other disabled Children, run by the Walls, a visiting American family, together with local Yangshuo teachers Nancy and Susan. The kids learned English and arts each day, based at Alice's house.

For those interested in sponsiring, teaching or otherwise supporting our next Summer camp, please contact Chris Barclay.

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