Yangshuo Mountain Retreat
Gaotian Town, Yulong River
Yangshuo, Guangxi, 541907, China
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Welcome to Yangshuo Mountain Retreat's restaurant!

Over the years our little Yagshuo restaurant area has become the hub of the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat. Our homely, relaxed atmosphere combined with our delicious cuisine is often the highlight of many a guest's stay.

Our menu is filled with wonderful local specialties and Yangshuo county's distinct cuisine and cooking flavors make it a culinary delight for all lovers of food. The kitchen team of Yangshuo Mountain Retreat carefully buys fresh ingredients every day, which come from nearby villages. Like all of our staff, our Chefs, Xiao Chen and Xiao Li are also from these villages and grew up with the dishes we present to you here. We have several recommendations and have included some of our famous recipes, just click on either the link in the left navigation bar or on the title of the dish and bring the taste of Yangshuo into your kitchen.

Popular Dishes

We have put together a selection of our famous dishes that we recommend you try whilst staying at our Yangshuo hotel.
  • Pescado a la cerveza, Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, Yangshuo China

Beer Fish

A local favorite that takes advantage of the well stocked Li River. As is common in Chinese cuisine, the whole fish is braised in a wok along with beer, green peppers, spring onions and tomatoes.

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Braised Pumpkin

If you like fresh vegetables, try our Braised Pumpkin from the garden – it has a slight gingery snap and is very tender. Definitely a new taste sensation for westerners coming to Yangshuo.

  • Sizzling carne de vacuno, Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, Yangshuo China

Sizzling Beef

Tender strips of beef from cattle grazed on the grassy banks of the Li River. The meat is fried with onions, green & red peppers and drizzled in a Yangshuo black bean and dark soy sauce served sizzling on a fiery hot metal plate.

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Li River Shrimps

Fresh, succulent water shrimps, straight out of the local waterways, dipped in batter with a deliciously savory aroma. A much loved dish in Yangshuo, China!