Yangshuo Mountain Retreat
Yulong River Road, Gaotian Town
Yangshuo County, Guangxi Zhuang, 541907, China
86 773 8777 091
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Yangshuo Mountain Retreat tea shop

We offer a selection of fine Chinese Teas in our restaurant which are also available to buy from the hotel. Watch and learn how to perform a traditional Chinese tea ceremony with an assortment of teas chosen by you.
  • Yangshuo tea - Yangshuo Mountain Retreat - Guilin Yangshuo China

Tea Ceremony

Don't forget to pour tea over the frogs back for luck! Sit and learn how to perform a Chinese tea ceremony with one of our staff in the restaurant.

  • Tea retreat yangshuo - Yangshuo Mountain Retreat - Guilin Yangshuo China

Chinese Tea

Choose between tea from the spring climate mountains of Yunnan or a fresh Gooshan Tea from Taiwan, the perfect refreshment after a long day on the Li River or first thing in the morning before setting off to Yangshuo

Chinese Tea Selections

YUNNAN QIZI TEA from Yunnan Puer City

It affords a bright red-yellowish liquid with pure aroma and unique mellow flavor. It has the function of thirsty-quenching, aiding digestion movement, and accelerating your recovery from fatigue or intoxication (e.g. from alcohol).


It's between green tea and black tea, with mild taste, very good for the stomach. The longer you store this tea the better it gets. It is a very good tea when you are going on a diet or to reduce high blood pressure.


Tie Guan Yin is considered part of the Oolong tea family as a semi-fermented tea. Due to sometimes a dark appearance of the dry leaves and an ancient story, Tie Guan Yin is named after the Iron Goddess of Mercy. When it is steeped in boiled water, it sends out strong fragrance, and its taste is heavy, born with the strong orchid fragrance. The first taste will be bitter but it will develop into a sweet one.

BI LUO CHUN From Jiangsu Province

Bi Luo Chun, means 'green and curly leaves of spring'. One of its outstanding quality is its fruit aroma, endowed with peach, plum, loquat, and orange that intercropped with it. Another peculiarity is its early cropping. The harvest starts from the Spring Equinox, a Chinese solar term around the beginning of March, when leaf bud is about three quarter inch long. It would need 68,000 - 74,000 tender leaves to produce one pound high-grade tea, making it one of most delicate green tea in China.

DRAGON EYES OF JASMINE from Fujian Province

An early spring premium grade fragrant jasmine green tea, Dragons Eye is picked in the misty mountains of Fujian Province. Only the most tender green buds and selected leaves are hand rolled into small pearls, giving this tea its exquisite shape, fresh aroma and clear liquor. This hand rolled tea has undergone the traditional jasmine scenting process.

This tea can be kept in a pot for a long time and is very good for older people to drink.

Dragons Eye is one of the best green teas from China.