Yangshuo Mountain Retreat
Guilin Yangshuo, Wang Gong Shan Jiao, Feng Lou Cun Wei, Gaotian Zhen
Yangshuo, Guanxi Province, 541907, China
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Camping en Yangshuo County

Camping outside under the stars in the Yangshuo countryside around a small camp fire can be the highlight of many a guest's stay. At the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat we rent camping equipment including tents and camping mats so all you need is a backpack, sleeping bag and a sense of adventure! We can recommend great secluded areas accessible via the secret "Lost World" trail, which begins from the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat. Starting from our Yangshuo guesthouse, there are fantastic camping spots with amazing scenery just a 20 minute hike up into the karst hills. You are also welcome to camp next to our riverside retreat, though depending on the season, you may want to be high enough above the Dragon River to avoid high water during rainy season. No other Yangshuo hotel offers nearby camping, so consider the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat for your Yangshuo camping adventure.

There are countless places to camp near the hotel and in the county. Some of the best places are usually hidden from the paths and nestled up among the higher reaches of the karst peaks where views are normally spectacular. As long as you stay off agricultural land and leave no mess behind, there shouldn't be an issue with camping out.

Our Yangshuo hotel is located on the Dragon River, just 15 minutes outside of Yangshuo China. The first riverside retreat in Yangshuo, the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat offers some of the best hiking in the Yangshuo Guilin area. From outside our Yangshuo hotel gate, you'll find a variety of hikes from 2-6 hours, featuring a variety of terrain and levels of challenge. Apart from our sister hotel, the Yangshuo Village Inn, there is no other Yangshuo hotel that offers better access to Yangshuo hiking, climbing, and exploring nearby rice fields. Please be sure to check with our Yangshuo information pages for more information about Yangshuo county.