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Guilin Yangshuo, Wang Gong Shan Jiao, Feng Lou Cun Wei, Gaotian Zhen
Yangshuo, Guanxi Province, 541907, China
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Yangshuo is an ancient city with a 2000 year history. It is a small town in the Guilin region of Guangxi Province and was established as a county during the Jin Dynasty about 1500 years ago. Surrounded by amazing karst formations and bordered on one side by the Li River it is easily accessible by bus or boat from nearby Guilin. Over the years Yangshuo has developed into a bustling tourist destination with a relaxed friendly atmosphere similar to the towns found in South East Asia. However, the beauty about Yangshuo is that within a few minutes you can find yourself in a rural village watching water buffalo take a midday bath and farmers drying their produce on the ground without a single tourist in sight. At the hotel we can organize a tour guide to take you round and see the sights of Yangshuo or you can explore by yourself. The following paragraphs discuss some of the great sights to see whilst in Yangshuo.

El Rio Li

El Rio Li se origina desde el Maoer Shan ( Montana del Gato ) en el condado de Xing'an al norte de Guilin y serpentea su marcha al Sur por aproximadamente 437 kilometros pasando por las siguientes ciudades: Guilin, Yangshou, Pingle, y Zhaoping y finalmente se encuentra con el Rio Xi ( Oeste ) en Wuzhou . Este trayecto tiene una belleza natural sin paralelo en China . Dado a estas bondades de la naturaleza tiene una gran atracción turística

Curiosamente un tramo de este rio aparece en el billete Chino de 20 RMB

El rio corre por el medio de la ciudad de Yangshou ofreciendo lugares ideales para hacer picnic o para bañarse en las tibias y bajas aguas. Además está bien provisto de carp el famoso pescado que se usa para hacer el plato popular "pescado con cerveza Yangshou".

Las Cimas de Karst

The gradual retreat of inland seas left thousands of exotic caves and bizarre limestone structures known as karst formations. There are over 70,000 peaks in total covering an area that stretches up to Guizhou and down to Nanning. Yangshuo is surrounded by peaks which make great viewing platforms of the town and Li River.

Green Lotus Peak is one of the more famous karst formations and is located on the banks of the Li River. It get its name simply because it is said that it looks like a giant lotus rising out of the river. It takes approximately 30 minutes to climb and the views are spectacular.

De Compras

For a spot of shopping West Street (Chinese: Xijie) is the place to head. Walk along the cobbled street and you'll find many things to buy. You can watch silk being woven or silver being hammered into shape. Just remember to bargain hard and you'll have a great time!

Para Comer

Yangshuo has a huge number of restaurants and cafes to eat in all over the town. Among them are Japanese, Thai, Western, French and of course countless traditional Chinese restaurants ranging from hotpot, to dumpling houses to choose from. If it's a local fresh Chinese dish or a taste of something familiar you are after then Yangshuo will not disappoint.