Yangshuo Mountain Retreat
Guilin Yangshuo, Wang Gong Shan Jiao, Feng Lou Cun Wei, Gaotian Zhen
Yangshuo, Guanxi Province, 541907, China
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September 5-7, Yangshuo County China

Day 1:

In the morning we drive to the small village of Langzi, about 30 minutes from our hotel. This village has a beautiful preserved cluster of old Chinese houses build at the end of the Qing Dynasty, by a rich merchant. We'll see woodcarvings, paintings, traditional courtyards and ancient buildings.

We will have lunch at the hotel and later in the afternoon we drive a very scenic route a bit up in the hills with nice views. The highlight of this road is the view on the Li River from high above. The road leads to another interesting village, which is like the opposite of Langzi. This village was made out of natural stone bricks that were just piled on top of each other, without any cement. Quite a few of those houses are still standing. A very traditional, primitive place. A short distance from this stone village, we will have a fantastic view from the high road into a plain, backed with a long row of karst hills. A perfect spot for the sunset. After the sunset we drive back to the hotel.

The places we visit this day are not visited much by tourists and we're probably the only ones walking around. Well off the beaten track.

Day 2:

This morning we will drive around the countryside in the Dragon River Valley and we'll see daily farmers life, vegetable gardens, rice fields, waterbuffalo's and of course the river and the karst scenery.

After lunch at the hotel we drive to the beautiful town of Huangyao, which is one of the biggest and best preserved ancient towns in the province. Very picturesque streets and alleys, bridges and old trees. The town is getting more popular now with tourists, but is still a living place with all residents living in the old houses and it's easy to find the quiet corners.

Day 3:

In the morning we'll visit the Fuli or (Xingping) market. Very traditional and colourful. Vegetables, meat, chickens, herbs, tea, farm tools, shoes, clothes and endless more merchandise. Fuli is famous for it's fan making and we will go to see how they make this beautiful pieces of art all by hand.

We have lunch again at the hotel and later that afternoon we go to Xingping town on the Li River. At this town the karst scenery is at its most beautiful and makes a perfect setting to see and photograph a traditional cormorant fisherman on his traditional bamboo raft with his birds and fishing net. We'll do this at the end of the day and hope to catch a beautiful sunset with the fisherman in front.

This is a special tour that will only be held this year in September, when the weather is warm and the crowds of the October holiday are still weeks away. The tour is priced at RMB 950/person, including local transportation & lunch each day. Guests who join us for this tour will also receive 10% off on their room rate. Space is limited to 15, so sign up now to guarantee your spot. Contact Annie, Angel, Sally or Binbin at our reception.

Ronald's Photos from the June Photo Tour

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  • Stone Village, Yangshuo County, Yangshuo Mountain Retreat photo tour, Yangshuo China
  • Escalinatas  Huangyao Village
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  • Cormorant on bamboo raft, Xingping, Yangshuo County, Yangshuo Mountain Retreat June photo tour, Yangshuo China
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