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Hiking Yangshuo - beautiful guided hikes or solo

Hiking Yangdi to Xingping

Duration: 5-6 hours

There is an 18km track for easy hiking along the Li River. Jump on a local bus from Yangshuo to Yangdi for 10 RMB. The path crisscrosses the Li River three times so you will need to buy a ticket in Yangdi  for the river crossings.

The walk lets you experience the Li River from a different perspective and soak in the peacefulness and dramatic mountain scenery. The path takes you through small local villages, fields, bamboo forests and along the shores of the mighty Li River where usually there are very few tourists. If you get tired, you can always rent a motorized bamboo raft that will take you 3.km from Xingping but there will be Tuk Tuks or electric buses for 2-3RMB that will take you to the bus stop in the town centre. The local bus from Xingping back to Yangshuo costs 7 RMB.

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Yu Long/Dragon Bridge to Yangshuo Mountain Retreat

Duration: 4 hours

For those who are looking for a great walk to Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, start at the Dragon Bridge (Yu Long Bridge) and just follow the river downstream. It's about 12 km to the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat. You'll walk in the Yu Long (Dragon) River valley surrounded by subtropical Karst formations and through sleepy rural villages and even a catch-your-own fish farm.

Tip: The Yu Long River and Dragon River is the same thing

Climb Moon Hill

Duration: 4-5 hours

This is an easy walk across paddy fields and through small villages. It's to Moon Hill which you can climb for a marvelous view of the whole area. The climb to the arch (shaped like a half moon) in the hill takes about 20-30 minutes (stone steps). If you want you can even go to the top of the hill. A dirt path will lead you to there in another 10 minutes. You can combine this walk with a drink or lunch at the Italian restaurant Luna. It's on top of our sister hotel Yangshuo Village Inn, right opposite Moon Hill in the small village and has splendid views from its terrace. On the way back you can visit the Big Banyan Tree, the oldest tree in the area.

The Yu Long River hike

Duration: whole day

Set off early and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way. Hike along the Yu Long River to the historic Village Jiuxian then go further to the Yu Long Bridge. This 400 year old bridge is located in a quaint setting. Take your swim suits as there are many possibilities to swim in the river along the way. At the Yu Long Bridge you can catch a bamboo raft back or a bus ride back to Yangshuo where you will need to catch a taxi to the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat. The walk to the Yu Long Bridge will take approximately 3.5 hours and the bamboo raft back about 4 hours so allow for a full day to make this journey. Ask at reception for a route description.

The Lost World Wander

Duration: 1-1.5 hours

Between the Yulong River valley and Yangshuo are some very quiet and peaceful pastures surrounded by the karst peaks. At our reception we have 2 routes available that will lead you through this beautiful "lost world". There is a short loop of about an hour and a longer one that will take around 3 hours.

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