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  • Kayak on the Li River from Yangshuo Mountain Retreat - Yangshuo Guilin China

Li River Kayaking Yangshuo

Guided or unguided Li River Kayaking

Setting off from the ancient town of Fuli near Mushan paddle your way south down the Li River to Puyi. Although the karst formations tend not to rise as dramatically from the river as between Yangdi and Xingping this stretch of river is beautifully serene with very little traffic. It is also an excellent opportunity to watch rural riverside life as fisherman maintain their nets and farmers let their water buffalo enjoy the water and reeds of the river.

The kayaking tour takes about 3 hours but can be split up with a stop in Liugong where you can have lunch and explore this 800 year old sleepy riverside village.

When you reach Puyi there will be a driver waiting for you on the shores of the river. He will take you into Puyi town where you can catch a local bus that takes you back to Yangshuo. The whole trip can be organized at the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat reception but it is worth noting that the kayaking can be quite strenuous and is better suited for sportier individuals.

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Kayaking is a great way to experience a Li River retreat in Yangshuo China. You can paddle up and down the Li River and enjoy the best sights of any Yangshuo Li River tour. If you have any inquiries, the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat provides our guests with booking services and other Yangshuo tour assistance. Unlike other Yangshuo hotels, we do not charge our guests a commission for Yangshuo travel services. We look forward to having you at our beautiful Yangshuo hotel!

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Welcome to Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, 阳朔胜地 a riverside gem among Yangshuo hotels. The Retreat was originally conceived as a simple ecolodge where expat friends could escape from the chaos of polluted mega-cities. In the beginning, there was just Angel and a telephone at the front desk. As we grew in popularity, we found it necessary to continually upgrade accommodation, adding wireless broadband and even a pizza oven! But guestrooms have remained simple as when we began: no telephone, no TV, and locally made bamboo furniture. We've stayed true to the authenticity of our original concept, like making our own beds and offering a simple farm-to-table menu with a few western favorites. Our restaurant now has great wines too, but we remain one of the only certified sustainable Yangshuo hotels where guests from around the world can experience the beauty and serenity of Yangshuo Guilin China. We're unique among Yangshuo hotels for our commitment to sustainability and empowering the wonderful local people who run the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat.