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Yangshuo Guilin and Yangshuo County

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Yangshuo County is the land of poets, set in a dreamland of enchanting karst mountains and pristine rivers. It is a fairytale-like landscape immortalized by numerous artists and poets. The town itself has been here since antiquity. Established as a county in the Sui Dynasty in 590 AD, Yangshuo has always inspired artists throughout its history and became one of the most popular backpacker havens in Asia in the 1980's. Of course, the main reason travelers come here is to admire the beautiful landscape, but once here you will discover that Yangshuo has a lot more to offer and that it's a perfect place to experience traditional Chinese rural culture. Traces of its ancient history are found all over the county in architecture, caves, ancient bridges, and also in traditions.

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Yangshuo County is home to several ethnic minority groups of Zhuang, Yao, Dong and Miao. Although wearing traditional clothes in daily life has almost disappeared (it's still very common further north), it is obvious to see differences among the ethnic groups. Most people in Yangshuo are Zhuang nationality and are related to the Thai. They have their own language which is still spoken in some villages, although most local people speak a dialect of mandarin, known as Yangshuo hua (Yangshuo language).

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Apart from the famous China festivals like Spring Festival, full Moon Festival and Tomb Sweeping Day (Qing Ming), the Yangshuo people also celebrate their local festivals. Some more recent festivals are celebrated locally and display the rich Yangshuo culture, such as Fishing Lantern Festival. Experiencing the atmosphere during one of these celebrations provides a memorable experience as part of your Yangshuo tour.

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Yangshuo local foods are a unique adventure for anyone traveling here for the first time. There are some famous noodle dishes that are very tasty. Also not to be missed is the wonderful Yangshuo beer fish. This region is also well known for its local fruits , such as mandarin oranges, persimmon, water chestnuts and Pomelo (a kind of sweet grapefruit).

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat - the Yangshuo riverside ecolodge

Our rustic Yangshuo resort offers spectacular views of the Yangshuo Yulong River and surrounding karst peaks. From the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, you are just steps away from traditional villages and beautiful countryside. While staying at our traditional countryside hotel, you'll find a wealth of Yangshuo County information, such as Li River cruises, Liu Sanjie show, Yangshuo tours, Yangshuo restaurants, Yangshuo bars, Longsheng rice terraces, and much more. We ae the first Yangshuo retreat in Yangshuo County and offer the best of Yangshuo accommodation with modern comforts.

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Yangshuo Mountain Retreat
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16 years of legendary service and breathtaking views on the Yulong River Yangshuo Guilin China

Welcome to Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, 阳朔胜地 a riverside gem among Yangshuo hotels. The Retreat was originally conceived as a simple ecolodge where expat friends could escape from the chaos of polluted mega-cities. In the beginning, there was just Angel and a telephone at the front desk. As we grew in popularity, we found it necessary to continually upgrade accommodation, adding wireless broadband and even a pizza oven! But guestrooms have remained simple as when we began: no telephone, no TV, and locally made bamboo furniture. We've stayed true to the authenticity of our original concept, like making our own beds and offering a simple farm-to-table menu with a few western favorites. Our restaurant now has great wines too, but we remain one of the only certified sustainable Yangshuo hotels where guests from around the world can experience the beauty and serenity of Yangshuo Guilin China. We're unique among Yangshuo hotels for our commitment to sustainability and empowering the wonderful local people who run the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat.