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Yangshuo foods and cooking

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Yangshuo Local Fruits

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As one of the most popular special local fruits in Yangshuo, persimmon has a long history of farming, famous for its "fragrant and sweet, thin skin and beautiful heart-shaped appearance". Persimmon are easy to grow, so they can survive in many places except in the water. They are harvested in September and October and sundried in the weeks thereafter, because that's the best way to eat them. Fresh persimmons are sweet but crunchy, like an apple and can lead to diarrhea if eaten too much but interestingly when the fruit is cooked it is used to treat diarrhea and dysentery.


With a reputation as "King of the Oranges", Ponkan, also named Penggan is one of the best-loved fruits in Yangshuo. This fruit is big, with a golden color, fresh and sweet and juicy. They come into season in October and are equally tasty to eat as to drink as a juice. A very healthy snack or drink!


Chestnuts are usually harvested on the mid-autumn day lunar calendar, and can be stored all year long. There are several local varieties. The one with bright color like it is brushed with oil is the best. They can be eaten fresh or to make rice dumplings, rice cakes, rice pudding or stir-fried in sand is esspecially fragrant and sweet. In recent years, chestnut producion in Yangshuo is the highest Guangxi province. Because the chestnut tree is very hardy and has a long harvest period, there is a good saying about it: "A tree can gain enormous profit from a small capital investment".

Yangshuo Local Dishes

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Yangshuo Ganguo Fish

Another famous dish in Yangshuo is the Ganguo fish. There are two ways to prepare this dish. One is made from dried fish, which is fragrant and crispy; the other is made of fresh fish, which is sweeter. Both are very tasty. Ingredients for this dish are menthol leaves, beans, fresh tofu, dried tofu, pickled radish and peppers. Many tourists come back to Yangshuo for its marvelous taste and very reasonable price.

Dried Bamboo Shoots

Dried Bamboo Shoots is a popular dish in many Yangshuo restaurants. The method of preparation is known as recherche. First, take the bamboo shoots, remove the root and shell; then stew them with strong heat. Later, steep in clean water, press and dry. Finally, trim and pack themup. A series of processes are finished by hand. According to research, Dried Bamboo Shoots are rich in protein, amino acids, goodfats, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, and B vitamins. Eating bamboo shoots, because of their high fiber content, can promote digestion and weight loss. Health experts found that people living nearby bamboo forests will live longer, and very few will have high blood sugar.

Yangshuo Beer Fish

This dish can be made with any kind of fish from the local rivers, but is best with a carp, because the carp is fat but not greasy. First, gut the fish, but do not scrape off the scales; Second, put some soy sauce on it and then fry it with ginger and garlic till the scale turns yellow; Then put some tomato, green pepper, celery, mushroom, sour pepper and oyster sauce into the pan. Of course, don't forget the most important thing: beer! Beerfish is a specialty of the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat restaurant and is popular with foreign guests.

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