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Yangshuo Weather

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Yangshuo and local Guilin weather

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Yangshuo weather in Spring from March to May

The temperatures in spring can be pleasant with an average of 20 degrees. Although officially the start of rainy season there are many beautiful sunny days in between the drizzle and short down pours. At this time of year the flowers bloom and the sun sparkles on the waterlogged rice fields, a perfect time to take a walk or a mountain bike ride and explore the surrounding area. To find out more about our activities, please have a look on our Attractions page. For Spring promotions please go to our Yangshuo Mountain Retreat Blog.

Yangshuo weather Guilin average temp - click to enlarge

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Yangshuo weather in Summer from June to August

Summer in Yangshuo can be very humid and hot with an average temperature of 30 degrees during the day and dropping to about 25 degrees at night. The best thing to do in the heat is to take a swim in the Yu Long River in front of the hotel or go to one of the many caves and have a swim in an underground pool. After that try one of our fruit smoothies or a cold beer to refresh.

  • Weather Yangshuo from Yangshuo Mountain Retreat - Yangshuo Guilin China

Yangshuo weather in Fall from September to early December.

A very good time to visit Yangshuo is in autumn. The days are mild with an average of about 20 degrees and it is the dry season generally with very little rain. In the evenings and mornings it can be a little chilly so don't forget to bring a warm jumper as well. Autumn is perfect to go on bike rides, hikes and to rock climb around Yangshuo because of the pleasant temperature.

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  • Yangshuo weather in Winter at Yangshuo Mountain Retreat Yangshuo Guilin China

Yangshuo weather in Winter from December to February

Winter temperatures can average 8 degrees but with generally very little rain the sky can be clear and temperature in the sun can reach as high as 18 degrees. For the winter months we have an open log fire and selection of winter specials in the restaurant including mulled wine and hotpot to keep you warm and snug. In the winter Yangshuo can become quiet mystical as the mist slowly swirls around the peaks and the sun shimmers off the crystal clear water of the rivers. This time of year is often preferred by many visitors as there are less tourists and guests at Mountain Retreat can take advantage of our great winter package deals and experience a Christmas & New Year with a difference. Every year around February it is Chinese New Year which we celebrate at our Yangshuo hotel. Please go to Yangshuo Mountain Retreat Blog for Chinese New Year Promotions.

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16 years of legendary service and breathtaking views on the Yulong River Yangshuo Guilin China

Welcome to Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, 阳朔胜地 a riverside gem among Yangshuo hotels. The Retreat was originally conceived as a simple ecolodge where expat friends could escape from the chaos of polluted mega-cities. In the beginning, there was just Angel and a telephone at the front desk. As we grew in popularity, we found it necessary to continually upgrade accommodation, adding wireless broadband and even a pizza oven! But guestrooms have remained simple as when we began: no telephone, no TV, and locally made bamboo furniture. We've stayed true to the authenticity of our original concept, like making our own beds and offering a simple farm-to-table menu with a few western favorites. Our restaurant now has great wines too, but we remain one of the only certified sustainable Yangshuo hotels where guests from around the world can experience the beauty and serenity of Yangshuo Guilin China. We're unique among Yangshuo hotels for our commitment to sustainability and empowering the wonderful local people who run the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat.