Yangshuo Mountain Retreat
Yulong River Road, Gaotian Town
Yangshuo County, Guangxi Zhuang, 541907, China
86 773 8777 091
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Yangshuo travel information

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Frequently Asked Questions from our Yangshuo hotels

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Yangshuo Weather
Q: What's the best time to visit Yangshuo?
A: A good time to visit is in April/May. It's not very hot yet (daytime temperatures 20-30 degrees) and quite some clear days. It is also the planting season for the rice, so there's
a lot too see on the countryside (note: 1st week of May is national holiday and very busy).
Another very good time is in October/November when the summer heat has gone, but the days are often very clear and sunny. Daytime temperatures from 20-30 degrees. This
is harvest season, so also plenty to see on the countryside (note: 1st week of October is national holiday and very busy).
Winters are cold (0-7c at night) and misty during the day (8-15C). The nice thing is that there are few tourists, prices are lower and our hotel has heat in the rooms.

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Hotel Services

Q: What time can we make the last order in your restaurant?
A: Last orders at 9:30 pm
Q: What time can we make the last order for a massage?
A: Last order at 9:00 pm (for later times, please ask at reception).
Q: Is there a laundry service at the hotel?
A: Yes, our service fees are as follows:
Jackets 夹克 10 RMB each
T-shirts T 衫 5 RMB each
Shorts 西装短裤 5 RMB/pair
Trousers 长裤 5 RMB/ pair
Underwear 内裤 3 RMB/each
Socks 袜子 3 RMB/pair

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Yangshuo Transportation

Q: How do I get from Guilin Airport to Yangshuo Mountain Retreat or Village Inn?
A: From Guilin Airport Yangshuo Mountain Retreat provides pickup service for RMB ¥300 and a van ¥400. The travel time is 60 minutes door to door.
A: There are also airport shuttles to Guilin city and taxis available from town. Please be sure to negotiate the price with the driver first. The Retreat can also arrange a private pickup for you. The price is RMB ¥300 and takes about 1 hour.
A: From the Guilin South Train Station there are taxis available and the price should be no more than RMB ¥300 to Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, or ¥400 for a van. We charge the same for a driver to take you from here to the Retreat. The ride take about 70 minutes. 

From the Guilin North Train Station, the price  is RMB ¥350 for a sedan and ¥450 for a van as the ride is longer and traffic less convenient.

A: From Yangshuo Bus Station there are minibuses which cost RMB ¥3 each to the Yulong Bridge. From there, you will need to walk 1.5km to the Mountain Retreat. If you want a minivan to take you in to the Retreat, the cost is RMB ¥50 per trip. If by taxi, the cost is RMB ¥40

Q: How can I get from the Li River Cruise boat dock to Yangshuo Mountain Retreat or Village Inn?
A: When you get off the boat, please walk along the west street to the end, then you will see the post office. You can get a bus 3Yuan/person(Yangshuo to Gaotian) or you can take a taxi to both hotels, the cost is 40Yuan/way.

Q: Can we hire a private car or van for the day?

A: Yes, the cost for a taxi about 550Yuan, a van about 650Yuan.

Q: Can I bike to Yangshuo town?
A: Yes, but we strongly advice to be back before dark as the bikes and roads don't have lights. Please also note that there are many no-park zones in downtown and the police
will take away your bike. The best place to park your bike is at the top of West Street on the right hand side, just past the Bank of China. Here is a bike rental where you can
park your bike for a small fee (about 10 yuan). Please do lock your bike!

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Banks in Yangshuo, Credit Cards

Q: Where can we change money and/or travel cheques?
A: Only at the Bank of China. (only American Express Travel Cheques are exchanged).

Q: Do you take credit cards?
A: Yes, Visa, Mastercard , American Expressand Visa Electron, Union Pay (Plus, Cirrus ATM)

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Yangshuo Tours & Activities

Q: Which cave is the best to visit?
A: For an active experience with mud bath and hot spring: The Real Water Cave. For looking at stalagmites and stalactites: The Silver Cave

Q: Can we do hot air ballooning?
A: Unfortunately the hot air ballooning has stopped since there was a deadly accident in September 2009.

Q: What's the best place to go fishing?
A: Best place would be at one of the fishing farms upstream from the hotel. Please ask at reception for details. Of course you can also try your luck from the garden of our hotel.

Q: Can we swim somewhere?
A: A great natural swimming spot is the Dragon River or Yulong River, which is very clean and safe to swim (except during and after heavy rainfall). You can easily get in the river from the garden
of Yangshuo Mountain Retreat. If you like to swim in a swimming pool, there are a few hotels in Yangshuo where you can swim after paying an entrance fee. Reception can help you to choose one.
CAUTION: Both the Li River and Yunlong Rivers are prone to flash flooding with dangerous currents. Swim only in good weather.

Q: What are some good activities with small children?
A: Caves are great for kids, Li River cruise from Yangshuo to Yangdi (office boat), they leave at 9:30am. We also have bikes with kid's seats for rent.

Q: Can you tell me about the Liu Sanjie light show?
A: Yes, you can book the show through our hotel. Actually there are 5 different prices nowadays:
• RMB 198, front rows with a plastic seat without back
• RMB 238, middle rows with a plastic seat with back
• RMB 328, back rows on chairs
• RMB 488, back rows, covered on chairs
• RMB 688, back VIP cabins on chairs with binoculars, snacks and tea

Q: Can we hire a guide for the day?
A: Yes, we can help you to book a professional local English speaking guide. The cost is 150 for half day, 300 for a full day.

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Yangshuo Restaurants

Q: Which restaurants can you recommend in Yangshuo?
A: Chinese:

  • Cafe China, up from West Street entrance about 200m on the left
  • Pure Lotus Vegetarian, next to the Magnolia Hotel
  • Second floor of City in City shopping center
  • Riverview, only restaurant at the Li River in Yangshuo
  • Riverside dining at Yangshuo Mountain Retreat (photo)


  • Luna, on the roof of Yangshuo Village Inn, spectacular views of Moon Hill and authentic Italian food created by local chefs trained by Italian chefs. Chinese menu also avaiable. Amazing international wine selection. 
  • The Alley, best western food in nice quiet setting
  • Riley's in West Street
  • Luna at night - Yangshuo Village Inn - Yangshuo China

Yangshuo Bars and Cafes
Q: What are some favorite places where we can enjoy local nightlife and not get ripped off?
A: Some recommendations:

  • Luna, on the roof of Yangshuo Village Inn has an extensive international wine selection, outdoor seating, chill music and great food (photo).
  • The Alley is a local favorite of expats just off West Street with a great beer selection and pizzas, pasta and steaks.
  • Kelly's also has decent food and good beer selection
  • Yangshuo hospital

Medical Services

Q: Is there a hospital in Yangshuo?
A: Yes, People's Hospital is the biggest hospital in Yangshuo, up from the Diecui road, at the first crossroads, turn on the left about 200m on the left side. They have internal medicine and surgical department for emergency care.