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Who We Are The Mountain Retreat family originates from the surrounding villages, bringing with us the local charm and traditional hospitality of Yangshuo China. For the last six years, led by American designer Chris Barclay, Resident Manager Little Fish and trained by Staff Development Coach Ronald Van de Weerd of the Netherlands, we continuously learn about western guest expectations and how to exceed them. In addition to learning English and hospitality management, we share a commitment to learning about the interests of our guests, and introducing them to the unique culture of Yangshuo. To read more about our staff you can go to the YSMR blog.


Our Mission
To be a source of inspiration for guests, through the beauty of our surroundings, the quality of our service, and the sustainability of our business practices.

Our Vision
To be consistently recognized as a model tourism facility in China by offering superior value and an authentic experience to guests. Our work results in the prosperity of Yangshuo by creating opportunities for local people, and a deeper appreciation for their culture and history for all who visit us.

Our Core Values
Environmental Preservation - meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

Teamwork - supporting one another as a family, focusing on the common goal of delighting our guests

Integrity - being who we say we are, keeping our promises and being honest in all communication.

Local Community Support - Investing in the education and welfare of people from our neighbouring villages.


Our Concept "The Yangshuo Mountain Retreat was conceived as a simple "Eco lodge" where expats in China could escape from the chaos of crowded, polluted mega-cities. In the beginning, we didn't have air conditioning, or a western kitchen, or even a computer, just a telephone and fax at the front desk. As the Retreat grew in popularity, we found it necessary to upgrade facilities, and so added air conditioning, computers and wireless broadband, as well as a pizza oven! But the rooms have remained simple as when we began: no telephone, no TV, and a locally made beds & cotton batting mattress. We have stayed true to the authenticity of our original concept, like making our own bamboo furniture and offering a simple menu with fresh local dishes and a few western favorites. We now serve wine and imported beer as well, but we remain a simple country inn where people from all over the world can go to experience the beauty and serenity of Yangshuo.

Authenticity is central to the concept of our countryside Yangshuo hotel. We aim to give our guests a truly authentic experience and manage to do this through our staff who are all from neighbouring villages, our rooms which are designed using the Chinese tradition of feng shui and through the general ambience, that is for many more like a local home than a hotel. YSMR is also involved in charity work, most notably the Chinese-US Medical Foundation which was founded by Chris Barclay in 2002. We currently invest a percentage of our profits to helping children with brittle bone disease in China, providing access to education. The charity came about after Chris's direct experience with Chun Li (Angel) the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat's former front desk supervisor of 13 years.

An additional percentage of profits are allocated to our green initiatives. While most other top-ranked Yangshuo hotels are managed by westerners, The Yangshuo Mountain Retreat is 100% managed by local people, who share in profits and help continually improve services for our guests. As our staff come from local villages, thery are an excellent source of Yangshuo information and things to do around Yangshuo county. Whether you're looking for suggestions on Yangshuo bars, Yangshuo restaurants or recommended Yangshuo tours, you've found the right people at Yangshuo Mountain Retreat.

Guest reservations can be guaranteed by PayPal payment´╝îbank transfer and Visa or Master card information. Yangshuo Mountain Retreat reserves rooms on a first-come-first-serve basis by PayPal guarantee. To reserve our rooms, we require a guarantee payment of the full room charge, paid in USD or EUR within 48 hours of confirmed booking.

DISCOUNTED BOOKINGS If following confirmation, the number of rooms or nights originally booked are reduced, the discounted rate will no longer apply and the standard room rates will apply.

WITHIN 48 HOURS Cancellations made within 48 hours of arrival date (not arrival time) will incur full charges. Reservations of more than two nights will be charged in full for the first two nights and all subsequent nights will be charged 50%.

72 HOURS Cancellations made 72 hours before arrival date (not arrival time) will incur 50% of total room night charges.

Cancellations made between 4 and 6 days before arrival date (not arrival time) will incur 30% of total room night charges.

If the guest cancels with at least 7 days notice from arrival date, there is no charge.

Reservations of three or more rooms are regarded block bookings. Guests wishing to cancel the booking within 15 days prior to arrival will forfeit their deposit.

When accommodation is reserved by a third party, the cancellation charges automatically become the responsibility of the third party.

If a guest decides to leave early for any reason other than the direct fault of Yangshuo Mountain Retreat (ie; plumbing, electric, service-related failures) or un-controllable environmental phenomena, (floods, pandemics, political unrest), the guest will forfeit the amount in full for the subsequent room night on the day of early departure notification, and 50% of room charges for the remaining room nights on the reservation. Yangshuo Mountain Retreat will always inform guests in writing prior to their arrival of any issues related to the above that may affect their stay. Should Yangshuo Mountain Retreat fail to inform the guest in advance of any relevant issues affecting their stay, there will be no charge for early departure.

PLEASE ADVISE US IMMEDIATELY IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL OR ALTER YOUR BOOKING IN ANY WAY Failure to do so will be deemed as acceptance of the above conditions. All amendments or cancellations must be made in writing (email or fax), canceling by telephone is not acceptable. We respectfully remind guests that a reservation made verbally or in writing, constitutes a legal contract between themselves and the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat.