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Among the many cultural attractions, one that stands at the top is the renowned Impression Liu Sanjie show on the Li River. Liu Sanjie had its premier in 2004 and is supposed to be the biggest natural stage in the world. Impression Liu Sanjie was created by Zhang Yimou, who also created and choreographed the opening ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and directed such famous Chinese movies as Raise the Red Lantern and Red Sorgum.

Apart from Liu Sanjie, we also recommend cormorant fishing, Yangshuo cooking school caligraphy and Tai Qi classes.

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Yangshuo is an outdoor adventurer's paradise with wide ranging activities that are unique to the geography of the area. Starting in the 1990's Yangshuo was discovered by western rock climbers and has since become one of the premier climbing destinations in Asia. There are challenges for every level with hundreds of routes throughout the Yulong River Valley. You can find more on Yangshuo climbing in a new book by American climber Andrew Hadesh.

Yulong River bamboo rafting, caving, trail hiking and biking are among other outdoor favorites in Yangshuo. One of the most enjoyable activities for guests at Yangshuo Mountain Retreat is the 5km scenic Yulong River walk which begins from our parking area and runs along some of the most stunning scenery in Yangshuo to Chaoyang Village. Many guests also enjoy biking 10km up to ancient Dragon Bridge where there is excellent swimming in the Yulong River.

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While Yangshuo has endless acres of emerald green rice fields, Longsheng and Ping'An, just 90 minutes north of Guilin feature spectacular terraced fields on steep hills, known as the Dragon Back rice terraces. From the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, the best way to visit is to get up early and take a taxi through Guilin, visit the terraces then fly out from Guilin airport in the evening. You can also spend the night in Ping'An village. Yangshuo Mountain Retreat reception can help you plan this trip to make the most of your Guilin Yangshuo tour.

Many of our guests have raved about the Li An Lodge in Long Sheng. It's more expensive than the nearby accommodation but our guests say it's a good value. If you require more information on Li An Lodge, you can read their reviews on TripAdvisor above.

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Guilin, Guangxi, China is a tourism-based city located to the south of the country, around 200 miles from the coast. The city is known for its beautiful natural scenery, pleasant Guilin weather, and numerous Guilin hotels that command amazing views across the Li River.

Parks & Rivers
Guilin China is known for its stunning natural beauty, and of course, for the favorable year-round weather. So many of the activities and attractions in the city are based in and on the numerous parks and rivers in the area. For recommendations on things to do View Activities below.