This river view room is a favorite of returning guests to Yangshuo Mountain Retreat.
Yulong River view from Yangshuo Mountain Retreat is best among Yangshuo hotels.
Yulong River view
Yangshuo Mountain Retreat family private balcony overlooking the Yulong River.
Serenity now
from $95
Lowest guaranteed rate

Complimentary breakfast with three nights direct booking

Offer not available during holiday periods (New Year, Christmas, Easter, Summer Holiday, May Holiday, Duanwu Festival, Mid-Autumn/Moon Festival, National Day, Spring Festival)

Spectacular views and room for three

Features a queen size bed plus an extra twin bed and private bathroom.
The best view among Yangshuo hotels - directly overlooking Yulong River!

  • Max: 3 Person(s)
  • Size: 28 m2 / 92 ft2
  • View: River and mountain
  • Bed: 1 queen + 1 twin bed
  • ● Private balcony
  • ● Air conditioning
  • ● Ensuite bath
  • ● Laundry service
  • ● Hot water
  • ● Hot water kettle
  • ● Coffee and tea
  • ● Electric mosquito repellant
  • ● Minibar
  • ● Electric blanket
  • ● Western toilet